Your guide to treatment fees from Define Dental Clinic.

Here’s your guide to fees for dentistry treatments from Define Clinic. Some of the listed fees are starting prices only and may increase for complex treatment plans. We’ll always provide a full and accurate breakdown of costs before starting treatment.

  • Private Dental Fees
Treatment Fee
New Patient Examination £95
Existing patient examination £65
New Patient Child Examination (up to 12 years) £45
New and Existing Child Examination (12-18 years) £55
New Patient Emergency appointment £150
New Patient Emergency implant appointment (implant issues) £150
Existing Patient emergency appointment £100
Hygiene appointment routine – 30 £80
Hygiene appointment routine extended – 45 £120
Hygiene appointment extensive (check notes for direct access) – 60 £160
Implant consultation £150
Orthodontic consultation £150
Cosmetic consult £95
Lab work involved treatment
Bridges From £950 per unit
Crowns From £900 per unit
Veneers from £950
Dentures From £1,500
Invisalign From £2,000 – £4,500
Single implants From £3,000
Denture retained implants Lower from £5,000 – Upper from £8,000
Fixed implant bridge Upper/Lower From £15,000
Enlighten Home whitening £495
Enlighten in chair and home £750
Top up syringes £100
Other Ortho
Removable retainers From £150
Orthodontic fit fixed £3500 – £5000
Endodontic treatment (Root canal) From £350 – £950
Endo Oral Surgery
Extractions From £190 – £540
Other Treatments
Fillings From £200 – £800
Anterior Bonding From £180 – £490 per tooth
Note this list is meant to be a guide to our charges and is not exhaustive. Some of the charges are starting prices only and the quoted fee can increase for complicated or more complex treatment challenges. Highly aesthetic treatments can carry significantly higher fees. A personalised treatment plan and estimate will be provided for you before beginning any treatment and will be based on your individual treatment needs, difficulty and requirements.

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